The Commuting Book began as a humble homage to centuries of storytelling - something which we believe to be an essential fibre in the very fabric of what it means to be human. We present a diverse range of pieces to better represent our many different interests and beliefs  ... a story meaning little to one may mean a lot to another. This is the wonderful wisdom of literature! We have some beautiful short stories and poetry written by Year 8 and Year 10 students. These will take but a minute to read. We also have essays, non-fiction pieces, book extracts, more poems, and short stories, by both published and unpublished writers.  Most of these might take 5 -10 minutes to read.  None of them will take more than 20 minutes, at most.  Time well spent.  

Stories for Quick Read

I never touched the gorilla, I say. I got better things to do. Then the park ranger plonks his canvas bag on the table and pulls out a tranquiliser gun and ...More

Frankie McMillan | The commuting Book
Frankie McMillan

August 1   ●  2 min read

I went to London, once. I’d never seen snow before and on the first night it came spinning through the light of the streetlamps. I’d fallen for a guy ...More

Leanne Radojkovich | The commuting Book
Leanne Radojkovich

August 1   ●  2 min read

When Ronald McGourvey and his family of shape shifters caught the 47 to Scarborough, nobody noticed. Timothy McGourvey had perfected becoming nitrogen- ...More

Nod Ghosh | The commuting Book
Nod Ghosh

August 1   ●  3 min read

The baby’s finally asleep.  The father is home from work. I haven’t been alone in days. This is it…. “She’s asleep”…”I’m just off ...More

Drama, Non Fiction
Jennifer Rankin | The commuting Book
Jennifer Rankin

November 17   ●  1 min read

Jerry and his friend, Ross, were playing in Jerry’s sandpit. Charlie appeared. “What are you playing?” Charlie asked Jerry. “Planes.” Je ...More

Action & Adventure, Fiction
Andrew M. Bell | The commuting Book
Andrew M. Bell

September 21   ●  5 min read

The dragonfly’s eyes are made up of multiple hexagons. Inside each hexagon is a black and white picture of my face. I’ve printed the photos from my files an ...More

Gail Ingram | The commuting Book
Gail Ingram

August 31   ●  2 min read

If you are on the bus, go to QR Code 0007 to read this chapter in English or QR Code 0016 to read in Te Reo. To read previous chapters go to Stories Ch ...More

Sarina Dickson | The commuting Book
Sarina Dickson

February 24   ●  3 min read

Get your daily dose of words for those who can’t live without them or who don’t usually have time to read. Find a QR code on a bus, scan it and re ...More

The Commuting Book News
The Commuting Book | The commuting Book
The Commuting Book

May 11   ●  min read

To send a letter you must have something important to say. Got it? Good, now write it on a piece of paper, then pop it in an envelope and seal it ...More

Mia Pagan | The commuting Book
Mia Pagan

March 27   ●  min read

I ate my brother. I was always fond of him, looked up to him. He was older than me. I measured myself against him. We stood back to back. At first I only came ...More

Helen Heath | The commuting Book
Helen Heath

September 20   ●  2 min read

Pull-my-Finger the Giant only had one joke, probably like your dad or grandad. But he was very fond of it and he told it as often as he could. This was it: “ ...More

Humor & Comedy
Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

September 20   ●  6 min read

It’s what I could do to help Fleur out. Family is family. The last Friday each month, we’d drive into the city from opposite directions, and in the ...More

Heather McQuillan | The commuting Book
Heather McQuillan

September 22   ●  2 min read

“Come on, Moon, it’s time to hunt.” Sunrise went first to check if there was any danger. Moon tried to go before Sunrise had said the c ...More

Bronnie Homer | The commuting Book
Bronnie Homer

February 24   ●  4 min read

The car drove up the highway, the inside temperature was like 1000 degrees. .             “Mum ….” came the nagging voice of my bratty sist ...More

Roman Holland | The commuting Book
Roman Holland

August 1   ●  1 min read

She chewed her biro, and read the evaluation form. “On a scale of one to five, five being highest, how much did you enjoy this activity?” One. “On a scale ...More

Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

September 22   ●  3 min read

Today, my feelings are too big for my body They catch and hold fast in my throat They stream down my face And burn on my skin May they emerge as kindness As c ...More

Sarina Dickson | The commuting Book
Sarina Dickson

May 11   ●  1 min read

Find the hidden sequence of words: the first letter of each makes the puzzle answer. e.g. he offers trust = HOT Sometimes fresh air feels like waking ...More

Humor & Comedy
Raewyn Dawson | The commuting Book
Raewyn Dawson

August 1   ●  1 min read

Another bullet hissed over the dump. Ricky missed the seagull by a mile. He reckoned he shot good, considering the gun was tall as him. Jem wasn’ ...More

Sam Averis | The commuting Book
Sam Averis

August 30   ●  2 min read

Zzzzz ….. zzzz ……. An annoying noise was causing hindrance to my much desired afternoon nap. I somehow manage to open my eyes partially, and with ha ...More

Srinika Guha | The commuting Book
Srinika Guha

February 23   ●  4 min read

Walking across the multi-story car park, her heels clicked and echoed amongst the few silent vehicles. The sound vanished into the dark exit ramps. Her footste ...More

Psychological Thriller
Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

November 21   ●  5 min read

A woman and a child in a boat. Her child, and her other child, and her other. Her three children. And one life jacket. She puts it on her younges ...More

Zoë Meager | The commuting Book
Zoë Meager

August 1   ●  2 min read

When I pick her up she feels warm and frail. She’s like a giraffe sticking her neck high above the canopy searching for a decent snack. When she flies ...More

Blake Lucas | The commuting Book
Blake Lucas

December 19   ●  1 min read

The man finds the boy in a drainpipe and when he asks him what are you doing in there? the boy looks at him as if he should already know and says I’m ...More

Michelle Elvy | The commuting Book
Michelle Elvy

August 30   ●  2 min read

Hermione’s pockets may contain Pickled cockroaches, eel brain A collapsible telescope, brand new Flame in a jar, shines bright blue Socks for Dobby, ...More

Moana Hoogland | The commuting Book
Moana Hoogland

August 1   ●  1 min read

Google maps you take me though the underpass fast on my bike in the night my lights flash on the shapes of down and outs the louts, layabouts who shout obsce ...More

Non Fiction, Travel & Environment
Melanie Dixon | The commuting Book
Melanie Dixon

November 17   ●  1 min read

Being the middle child of five girls and three boys in 1940’s and 50’s in my native Ireland, I never had the chance to actually own a bicycle in my ...More

Action & Adventure, History, Memoir, Non Fiction
Catherine Byrne | The commuting Book
Catherine Byrne

November 17   ●  4 min read

The trick is to hear the voices in the rain but not to listen. What’s the phrase? Feel the fear and do it anyway. Well not only can I feel the ...More

Ciaran Fox | The commuting Book
Ciaran Fox

September 22   ●  2 min read

Take some Milky Way dust Mix in some galaxies Wrench some light from inside a black hole It should be spaghettified and tender Knead in some rusty coloured M ...More

Alice Mcpike | The commuting Book
Alice Mcpike

March 27   ●  1 min read

My Granddad is a strange old man. He is cheeky, but yet, so serious, like a monkey, a very old monkey. A very old monkey who can’t climb, and who ...More

Humor & Comedy
Jonty Howard | The commuting Book
Jonty Howard

August 1   ●  2 min read

because of their size they gather crystals and clouds sharp and sparse collections of sun-catchers until that first nasty week in June then they look soft – ...More

Travel & Environment
Amy Paulussen | The commuting Book
Amy Paulussen

August 1   ●  1 min read

If you are on the bus, go to QR Code 0007 to read this chapter in English or QR Code 0016 to read in Te Reo. To read previous chapters go to Stor ...More

Sarina Dickson | The commuting Book
Sarina Dickson

February 24   ●  5 min read

Trailing my clackity clack bumblebee Golly in the other hand, I follow the tall back of my Dad down the garden path. Full of questions, I shadow him into h ...More

Non Fiction
Sue Le Mesurier | The commuting Book
Sue Le Mesurier

August 1   ●  1 min read

knitted scarves wrap around her neck while legs freeze beneath leopard-                                print leggings ...More

Elizabeth Steel | The commuting Book
Elizabeth Steel

February 23   ●  1 min read

The murmur of voices Are symphony to flashing lights Tapping keys Coloured lines of code Changing Adjusting Advancing. Jumbles of letters Make up words ...More

Non Fiction
Chloe Morrison-Clarke | The commuting Book
Chloe Morrison-Clarke

March 27   ●  2 min read

Feijoas roll down the roof to be pecked by the birds startling the rats which scurry above. A grimy workbench dusty with tools next to a soggy, wet lead c ...More

Georgia Daniell | The commuting Book
Georgia Daniell

December 19   ●  1 min read