Paint n' Pen submission

Short Story, Quick Read
Dyslexia Font
Joy Howard

Dec 31   ●  2 min read   ● 

Inspiration: Artwork by Jacob Yikes
Artwork location, details and photo credit:


Construction, the thought of the mind like sharp boxes of contrast willing themselves to be
melded together as one entity. The neutral backdrop of grey and blue hues like soft puffs of
cream mottled together with the infinite blue shining like songs in the sky. The landscape
interwoven by the flight and flurry of birds which connect the two mediums into one.

A sharp gust of wind that makes one’s breath catch in their throat; the birds glide through
and flit and float as the aerodynamics guide them to dance about in the atmosphere which
surrounds us. The manscape providing for them only a place to rest once they weary from
their games.

Sunlight dances across the face of the tallest building, that with windows like peeping eyes
watching over the expanse. The city is growing as the everchanging shadows move. It may
be makeshift one day and more permanent the next.

Mankind makes it’s homes out of bricks. With colours and contours to make it their own;
looking bold in the face of the elements. There is certain beauty in its raw state as it is
fashioned into new happiness. A place where people will find comfort and joy.

I did not see it earlier, but as I focus more closely on the building blocks of the city, it is
there bright as day confirming the internal workings of my mind. The bright blue wall that
had been hidden by my vantage point in the room is now revealed as I lean back in my chair.
The face of the wall has value, a personality that is unique and interpreted differently by all
those who meet its face.

It is much like the rest of the city with its looming walls of personality. Whether you find
them as confronting giants standing there looking down as you pass by, or friendly
reminders of personality and warmth that greet you as you make a turn. Its all how you see
things. If you look long enough with eyes wide open, you will see people and life unfolding
before your eyes. You will see beauty and a reminder that all is well.



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