Stuck Duck

Paint n' Pen submission

Poetry, Quick Read
Denise Silk-Martelli | The commuting Book
Denise Silk-Martelli

Dec 03   ●  1 min read

Inspiration: Artwork by Richard “Pops” Baker
Artwork location, details and photo credit

Don’t hang me on the wall of your lounge
Freeze frame frozen in time

I need undiluted freedom
Fierce frenetic flight

I want to swoop and loop
Among my own

Precise and pristine participation
In formation

A sight to behold.

Don’t pin me down

I have magic to make
Joy to create
The songs of my people to emulate.

I don’t want to be
A stuck duck.

Some comments from the selection panel:

“Like the way the internal rhyme creates a syncopated rhythm”

“Really enjoyable poem! Great use of rhyme and alliteration, it’s fun and plays on nostalgia.”

“Fun, great use of sound and form”


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