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With its face to the black and ass to the blue, orbital scaffolding repurposed for the next generation ship, the Gilman was a thing of impossible ugly beau ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction
AJ Fitzwater | The commuting Book
AJ Fitzwater

September 9   ●  16 min read

you visit Tuesday after the accident, arms full of pink stargazers and crossword puzzles asking about my slip tentatively, a tight-lipped smile as you sile ...More

Jess Fiebig | The commuting Book
Jess Fiebig

September 9   ●  1 min read


When Mo was born her mother fractured into tiny pieces, her father disintegrated and her family broke up completely. Mo was left in the care of a ...More

Bill Nagelkerke | The commuting Book
Bill Nagelkerke

September 8   ●  18 min read

She is heavy on my bedroom wall. I reconstructed her, slapping mortar between each brick, but my room is not big enough so she is reduced to eyes, nose, and ...More

Heather McQuillan | The commuting Book
Heather McQuillan

September 9   ●  3 min read

I was looking forward to 2011. I hadn’t been finding 2010 to be a very settled year. On one level I put the unsettled feeling down to it being the ...More

Non Fiction
Kay McKenzie Cooke | The commuting Book
Kay McKenzie Cooke

September 9   ●  12 min read

It’s morning. I know this because the clock says 7.23 and a finger of light is trying to pull back the curtains. My room faces east. So that ma ...More

Rachael King | The commuting Book
Rachael King

August 1   ●  22 min read

tally stick historical a piece of wood scored across with notches for the items of an account and then split into halves, each party keeping one family a set ...More

Carl Nixon | The commuting Book
Carl Nixon

September 8   ●  32 min read

So, there are two people walking up View Street after the five o’clock session. He is walking ahead. She is walking behind. View Street is steep, rising ...More

Fiona Farrell | The commuting Book
Fiona Farrell

September 9   ●  31 min read

Abstract An eighteen-year-old alien moves to Dunedin to study. There she eats minerals, deconstructs, ingests poison, disintegrates, and ultimately, reassem ...More

Eileen Merriman | The commuting Book
Eileen Merriman

September 8   ●  16 min read