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STORIES ON THE GO, a new way to get your daily dose of words for those who can’t live without them or who don’t usually have time to read. Find a QR code on a bus, scan it and read a short piece written by a New Zealand author. Whatever your age or interests, there’ll always be something for you.#ReadNZ!

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Help us build a map! We are mapping real places in New Zealand mentioned in books. Rivers, mountains, towns and cities, famous buildings and monume ...More

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The Commuting Book | The commuting Book
The Commuting Book

January 24   ●  1 min read

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I was two years old when I got my first bike It was better than your little trike We found it in the bushes My dad fixed it up for me He welded it back togeth ...More

Ted Schroeder | The commuting Book
Ted Schroeder

November 17   ●  1 min read

Google maps you take me though the underpass fast on my bike in the night my lights flash on the shapes of down and outs the louts, layabouts who shout ...More

Non Fiction, Travel & Environment
Melanie Dixon | The commuting Book
Melanie Dixon

November 17   ●  1 min read