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So, there are two people walking up View Street after the five o’clock session. He is walking ahead. She is walking behind. View Street is steep, rising f ...More

Fiona Farrell | The commuting Book
Fiona Farrell

September 9   ●  31 min read

you visit Tuesday after the accident, arms full of pink stargazers and crossword puzzles asking about my slip tentatively, a tight-lipped smile as ...More

Jess Fiebig | The commuting Book
Jess Fiebig

September 9   ●  1 min read

Abstract An eighteen-year-old alien moves to Dunedin to study. There she eats minerals, deconstructs, ingests poison, disintegrates, and ultimately ...More

Eileen Merriman | The commuting Book
Eileen Merriman

September 8   ●  16 min read


When Mo was born her mother fractured into tiny pieces, her father disintegrated and her family broke up completely. Mo was left in the care of a variety of fos ...More

Bill Nagelkerke | The commuting Book
Bill Nagelkerke

September 8   ●  18 min read

tally stick historical a piece of wood scored across with notches for the items of an account and then split into halves, each party keeping one family ...More

Carl Nixon | The commuting Book
Carl Nixon

September 8   ●  32 min read

The house at 660 Castle Street was built as a Presbyterian Manse in 1923, designed by architect E.W. Walden and built by Loan and Watson. By the time Ji Frase ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher | The commuting Book
Sarah K Gallagher

September 4   ●  7 min read

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