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The Commuting Book aims to encourage and engage the community in reading. We bring all sorts of literature into daily life and public spaces, offering short reads to those who don’t have much time and may not read often. But readers need writers! The Commuting Book wants to connect with anyone who likes to write. Here, we will publish your work and share it via our platforms and initiatives.


Stories on the Go: Scan and read a short story

Stories on the Go is a new way to get your daily dose of words for those who can’t live without them, or who don’t usually have time to read. Find a QR code on a bus, scan it and read a short piece written by a New Zealand author. Whatever your age or interests, there’ll always be something for you. To read a different story all you have to do is change seats.

If you want your local bus company to get this project on board, please contact us.

Christchurch woman turning commute into journey through New Zealand literature (One News)
Christchurch Buses Equipped with Quick Mobile Links to Kiwi Stories (
ReadNZ: The Commuting Book is bringing literature to public transport (NZBC)
Bookmark your spot on the bus (CCC)
The Big Idea: Lowdown #16: Guest Editor! (The Big Idea)
Massive literacy gap plugged by moving literature (The Big Idea story)

We are currently working on taking Stories on the Go to other settings.


The Great Map of NZ Stories: This is a crowdsource platform ideal for writers, publishers, passionate readers and map enthusiasts. Upload a book set in New Zealand and help us showcase to locals and overseas friends, family and visitors our rich literary landscape.

Getting on the map – places from New Zealand books (Standing Room Only RNZ)


Read and Share: Distribution of free books on public transport

Read & Share is an ongoing action initiated in November 2016, and since then 1500+ books have been received and distributed at 50+ bus stops around Christchurch.  Writers, publishers, book organisations and the public donate books, we apply a sticker on the book cover identifying the project and distribute them at bus stops and waiting lounges around the city and publish pictures in social media. When members of the public find the books, they take them home and return after reading for others to enjoy.

Awesome Story #1 Feat: Magda Lorenzo (Ministry of Awesome)
Parry Field Change for Good Interview


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