The Great Map

Help us build a map!

We are mapping real places in New Zealand featured in books. Add the book you wrote or the one you are reading.

How to add a book
Please follow these instructions to ensure your submission is approved. 

1 – Click on “Add a NZ Book”
2  – Sign in as a “Guest” or using your Facebook or Google account
3 – Upload a high-resolution image of the book cover
4 – Add the title and author’s name using this format: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.
5 – Type the location, a real place mentioned in the book: a lake or a river, a street or a neighbourhood, a well-known building or monument and add NZL at the end. Tip: Zoom in and out and move locator around to find the most accurate location.
6 – Enter the book summary. Tip: Use a library catalogue or the publisher’s web site to copy and paste the book summary. Please, name the source.
7 – If you are an author or publisher, feel free to add a link at the bottom to your site or blog. Let people know about you, your books and how to buy them.
8 – To enter more locations from the same book or from a new one repeat 3 to 7.

All entries are reviewed, and only those meeting the criteria are accepted.
If you have any questions or issues, email us at

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