Imagine travelling back in time to see how Shirley and Marshlands looked from a kid’s perspective in 1940. At nearby Avebury house, there is an 83-year-old book made by the children of Shirley Intermediate School that is packed with stories, photos and illustrations of this neighbourhood way back then.  The children were sent out to survey local people, collecting information about the landscape (it used to be hilly!), the businesses, and where the street names came from. They carefully wrote up pages about churches, schools, and local clubs, and the art and photo clubs provided painting and photos.  You can learn how streets got their names, how creeks and rivers have changed, or what life was like as a bank teller, a market gardener, a housewife, a rabbit merchant, and so much more. 

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You should check the rest of the book; it is fascinating! And visit 🔗Avebury House

Share your memories and stories

Share your own anecdotes and experiences related to this place (or even the wider area). We are sure we will hear some very interesting stories that we will with share others, if you let us. Where relevant we will contact our sources as your input could enrich our city's historical archives. This is how we buld the our history together.

Everywhere you go in Ōtautahi/Christchurch, stories are waiting to be shared.  People, places and events are the colour and texture, the memory and history that bring life to the place where we stand.

These snippets of history shape our city’s past, present and future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the links to sources and archives we provide. They are full of treasures.

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