Story Town


In partnership with Origin Stories and with the support of the CCL Intangible Heritage Fund, Rāta Foundation and Box112, we are presenting our this new project that we love to Otūatahi/Christchurch residents and visitors.

Specially curated snippets of history will pop up around the city in libraries, cafes, pubs, shops, and buildings. All you have to do is scan and watch, listen or read. It will only take a few minutes but you will be telling others about it for ages!

We hope you will find it fascinating, inspiring, and interesting and that it will ignite your curiosity to discover more. We offer links to the archives and resources we use for our research so you can do your own.

To check the stories currently around the city, hover over the Story Town tab (at the top left of the menu) and select the area.

Share your memories. Each story/location page has a space for you to share your own experiences and memories. We are sure that you, a relative or a friend, have a great story to tell. And we want to hear it!