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Te Waipounamu Māori Girls College

A much loved Maori girls boarding school was run here by the Anglican Church from 1921 to 1990. Te Waipounamu Māori Girls’ College were renowned for their waita and were part of many recordings and radio broadcasts including this recording during World War II: A “Mosquito Network” collection of songs and greetings from Te Waipounamu Māori Girls’ College, for broadcast via American Armed Forces Radio to New Zealand men serving in the Pacific in 1945. 

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The students of Christchurch’s Te Waipounamu Māori Girls’ College give vocal performances of eight songs. The songs are introduced in English by an announcer and then performed in Māori.

1. Te Waipounamu Girls’ College school song
2. Tama Ngakau Marie
3. Whakarongomai
4. E Rere Ra Te Matangi
5. He Aha Kei Taku Uma
6. Awhi Mai Ra E Hine
7. He Rere Taku Poi
8. Haere Mai E Nga Iwi


“I te timatanga” by Te Waka Huia.
The Centennial of The Ratana Movement in the Whanganui area.

Action song “Te Wai O Whanganui ” by Putiki Māori Club.
Action song “I Nga Ra O Mua” by Ma Wai Hakona Cultural group, 1975.
Te Wai Pounamu Māori Girls College,Christchurch. song by Te Wai Pounamu.
Te Ohaaki Meeting House, Ahipara-Nothland. – Item by locals.
The late Inia Te Wiata – “There lived a King”
28 (Māori) Battalion – Capt. Rangi Logan – Himene / “Aue e Ihu” .

Te Wai Pounamu College images:

The opening of the Te Waipounamu Māori Girls College​ in 1909 was a significant milestone.

“We in this island, particularly in Canterbury, are rather apt to forget that all the Maoris in New Zealand are not in the North Island,” The Press said in an editorial on March 5, 1909.

From “1909: The education of Māori girls” by Phillip Matthews

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