Puzzle Poem #1

Short and snappy only nine lines long - poems to read in a minute

Humor & Comedy, Poetry, Suitable for Young Readers, Quick Read
Dyslexia Font
Raewyn Dawson

Aug 01   ●  1 min read   ● 

Find the hidden sequence of words: the first
letter of each makes the puzzle answer.
e.g. he offers trust = HOT

Sometimes fresh air feels like waking up
after days of sleepy indoor night.
Gladly our lungs relax a little
and our skin opens to the light.
How lucky we are to have this luxury
of gardens, granting us food and beauty,
giving private and public delight.
Let us sit more and breathe more deeply,
enjoying stillness and clearer sight.

Clue: giving medicine (6)



A simple life © RK Dawson 2017


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