The Sea Serpent

Paint n' Pen submission

Inspired by Street Art, Poetry, Quick Read
Dyslexia Font
Selena Budiyanto

Dec 03   ●  1 min read   ●  Paint n' Pen Submission

Inspiration: Artwork by Berst
Artwork location, details and photo credit

A strange creature followed me. Enchanted yellow eyes.
Raised by the ocean. Purple slimy body.
I was trembling. Scared. Frozen.

“Please don’t eat me, Mr Sea Serpent. I’m not good for you” I said.
“My body is small, but my bones are strong. They will choke you when you chew “I shivered.
“Look Mr Sea Serpent, my hair is long, so long that it will strangle you if you do”

Suddenly he stopped. There was silence between us.
His golden eyes were blinking. He showed his fangs wildly.
“Oh Nooo…This is it. I am dead.” I closed my eyes and read my prayers.
He whispered into my ears:

“I am a vegetarian”.


Some comments from the selection panel:

“This was my favourite of Selina’s. A complete story on its own, but the punchline suits the style of the painting too.”

“I love this – great funny punchline. One of my favourites”

“The first half of the poem is really quite scary and threatening, but the last half made me giggle. A great punchline!”

“The end made me laugh out loud”


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