Murky Storm

Paint n' Pen submission

Poetry, Quick Read
Amor Budiyanto | The commuting Book
Amor Budiyanto

Dec 03   ●  1 min read

Inspiration: Artwork by Cracked Ink
Artwork location, details and photo credit


Cluttered clouds brimmed the bleak sky. Rain
Rapidly drenched the buildings. The gusty wind
Accelerated furiously, blowing inky figures across the brick walls. Others
Collided brutally at each other. Lightning struck aggressively,
Killing a couple of the inky figures. Winds started to form a current,
Eating the figures as they float in between.
Darkened fog started to strike. The ground starts to vanish.

Illogical hot air balloons drifted against the storm.
Nightmares painted. The
King of ink.

Some comments from the selection panel:

“This is my favourite from Amor”

” ‘Murky Storm’ is an amazing take on the usually basic acrostic poem format”

“Love this!


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