The Wave

After Cracked Ink on Hereford St

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Dyslexia Font
Gail Ingram

Mar 03   ●  1 min read   ● 

Ozmond had a round head; he was floating, dreamed he was on a wave
with other round heads. When his head fell off, his eyes sprang open.
A group of people stood a little way from him — a tall bearded man
rested his arm on the other side of a wire fence as he talked to
a family — a mother and a child with button-bright eyes, and
a son taking pictures of Ozmond on his iPad. He tried to say
something about being able to see, but the bearded man
kept on talking about open-ended stories and waving
his hand in Ozmond’s direction. Ozmond couldn’t
feel his legs, thought he might not be dreaming.
The man with the hair on the back of his hands
was no longer looking at him; the boy with
the iPad was walking away; the mother
and child followed; their rectangular
backs bobbed along at different
heights above the pavement,
getting smaller.


Street art reference:


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