Scouting Alex

Published on WRITE ON No 50

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Srinika Guha

Feb 23   ●  4 min read   ●  WRITE ON Magazine

Zzzzz ….. zzzz ……. An annoying noise was causing hindrance to my much desired afternoon nap. I somehow manage to open my eyes partially, and with half-closed eyes, I caught a glimpse of something flying haphazardly in the room.

Me: Oh no !! Not now, I am too lazy to get up. MOO … OM There is a “bee” in my room. Can you please …

Before I could finish my sentence, it was right on my face almost kissing the tip of my nose.

Insect: No need of the fly swatter, I will be gone in a few minutes … But “bee” – are you serious? Do I look like a bee to you?

I sprang up with eyes open wide. Did I just hear the bee speak?

Me : I …… aaaaI …… heard a buzzing noise (my voice shaking).

Insect: Don’t be paranoid, kid, I mean no harm to you. BTW … all that glitters is not gold, and all who buzz is not “bee”.

Me: (concentrating on the little invader) Yeah … You are not … a lot less hairy … a belt-like constriction separating thorax and abdomen … alternative stripes of yellow and black on abdomen … you must be a wasp. You are quite big – almost 2 inches. That makes you a HORNET!! An ASIAN giant HORNET.

Hornet: Bulls eye!! I am “Alex” and I am an AGH, the most infamous of all.

Me: Welcome Alex. So what brings you here? Have you lost your way to the nest, or it is some crazy bird chasing you?

Hornet: I was out on a scouting expedition you see that huge bee-hive across the road I was here to “scent mark” it with my pheromones. This trait is unique to my species.

Me: So did you succeed? Your nest mates must be there by now?

Hornet: No – I barely escaped a horrendous death. Those were Japanese honey bee. When a hornet scout enters their hive, nearly hundreds of them jump on the intruder and form a bee-ball surrounding it. Then they flutter their wings in high frequency, raising the temperature as high as 46 degrees, also increasing the carbon-dioxide concentration,roasting the “poor hornet”.

Me: “Poor hornet”, is it ? I guess they want to escape the mass killing organised by a team of invading hornets.

Hornet: Mass destruction is on its way. It’s going to affect everyone – bees, wasps and the entire animal kingdom. Our environment is degrading, deforestation and pollution is killing us all. Now the future of the planet is depending on the ruling species.

Anyways, it’s getting dark now. I must head home. It was nice talking to you, kid.

Me: Srinika … That’s my name. It was nice knowing you, Alex.

Hornet: Goodbye, Srinika.

Me: Bye, Alex.

Mom: Who’s Alex, dear ? Are you dreaming?

Zoological Writing Competition winner Years 4-6