Pirate Ship

Paint n' Pen submission

Inspired by Street Art, Poetry, For Adult Readers, Suitable for Young Adult Readers, Quick Read
Dyslexia Font
Selena Budiyanto

Dec 03   ●  1 min read   ●  Paint n' Pen Submission

Inspiration: Artwork by D Side



Cluck, cluck, cluck,
A pirate digging.
Dig, dig, dig,
Deeper in the sand.
Brr, brr,
The tree leaves swishing,
Swish, swish, swish.
Push the treasure down.
Down, down, down,
Left leg.
Click, cluck, click.
As he limps back to his ship.




Some comments from the selection panel:

“A playful poem that makes great use of onomatopoeia.”

“This writer is only very young, and obviously pretty talented for her age! Love that she chose a out-of-the-way artwork.”


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