Positive Affirmations

The power of positive thinking - we've all got to start somewhere.

Fiction, Short Story, For Adult Readers, Quick Read
Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

Sep 22   ●  3 min read

She lay in bed, eyes tight shut against the grey light, trying not to notice it as it becomes paler and paler through her eyelids.
“Concentrate” she whispers to the silence.
In her imagination, she is on a beach. She is slim, and has lost 10 kg. She is comfortable in her body, wearing a swim suit and striding confidently into the waves.
This is the power of positive affirmations – everything is possible.
“I am slim and fit and confident” she whispers.
Now she pictures herself driving away from the beach in a smart car. The car often changes – today she is driving an Audi, a two-seater sports model that she has seen in a car lot as the bus crawled past it a day or two before. She drives smoothly, and slides into a parking slot outside a modern office building. A white sign with her initials marks the slot as belonging to her, with the title “Managing Director”.
“I am a success in my profession” she whispers.
She is greeted with pleasure by her staff and chairs a meeting. In her mind, the meeting is full of business men listening to her give a presentation, and congratulating her on her insights.
“I am respected and appreciated by all” she whispers.
Now she is at the races. Melbourne perhaps. She is wearing a wonderful outfit, and high shoes that she can easily walk in. Other women glance enviously at her. She pauses to watch the jockeys riding past down to the track. A handsome man is at her side, and she is holding his arm. He is smiling at her.
“I am married to Brad Pitt” she whispers.
With a grunt she rolls out of bed, and dares not look in the mirror at her reflection. Pulling on shorts and a singlet, she plods out of her house, still sleepy and clumsy. She climbs onto her mountain bike, and grumpily starts to pedal, beginning what she is quite sure will be the first day of new exercise regime.
“One step at a time, I guess” she mutters.


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