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Inspiration: Artwork by Jacob Yikes Artwork location, details and photo credit:   Construction, th ...More

Joy Howard | The commuting Book
Joy Howard

December 31   ●  2 min read

She chewed her biro, and read the evaluation form. “On a scale of one to five, five being highest, how much did you enjoy this activity?” One. ...More

Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

September 22   ●  3 min read

Hazel leaned over, brushing her lips against her sister’s forehead. “Goodbye.” She fumbled with the window, shoving it open, greeted by a gust of c ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Young Writer
Emma Warwick | The commuting Book
Emma Warwick

September 7   ●  3 min read

Inspiration: “Hide and Seek” by Wongi “Freak” Wilson Artwork location, details and photo credit ...More

Inspired by Street Art, Young Writer
Hazel Young | The commuting Book
Hazel Young

February 13   ●  1 min read

We rode with the wind at our backs. Cut across Mr Sandbird’s yard even as he yelled at us to get off his property. Gave him the finger and laughed and la ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Fiction
Jenna Heller | The commuting Book
Jenna Heller

August 12   ●  2 min read


They didn’t want my name to be conventional. It’s a quick, sharp sound, a sound that belongs with cricket chirps and snapping twigs, brilliant as a flash ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Young Writer
Sarah-Kate Simons | The commuting Book
Sarah-Kate Simons

September 16   ●  3 min read

Dear Earth, Before we go, we’d just like to say a few things. When we first arrived, we were born into a world that (so it seemed) you had adapted solely for ...More

Young Writer
Chloe Morrison-Clarke | The commuting Book
Chloe Morrison-Clarke

September 2   ●  2 min read

One by one he turns the pages of the book. The paper rustles against his dry fingers and I swallow in anticipation. He reads the words and his f ...More

Psychological Thriller
Marie Muhl | The commuting Book
Marie Muhl

July 20   ●  5 min read

My garden was always my haven. How could it not be, when I spent half my life in a sulphury darkness? I had a villa, marble and gold, fragranced with the s ...More

Young Writer
Molly Laurence | The commuting Book
Molly Laurence

September 2   ●  2 min read

Con walks down the streets of Newtown from Berhampore, past the damp, narrow houses, tipped into the wind, cold rain spitting into his face. There’s ...More

Julie Hill | The commuting Book
Julie Hill

August 1   ●  14 min read

Eve is busy setting the long thin tables – fork knife fork knife fork knife – and doesn’t see him approach. “Do you want some help?” She th ...More

Rachael King | The commuting Book
Rachael King

September 21   ●  12 min read

The sun is lazily rising from the horizon as the harakeke steps in time with the wind. It’s almost as though they are dancing to a song, only they can he ...More

Young Writer
Olivia Kingi | The commuting Book
Olivia Kingi

August 28   ●  2 min read

So, there are two people walking up View Street after the five o’clock session. He is walking ahead. She is walking behind. View Street is steep, rising ...More

Fiona Farrell | The commuting Book
Fiona Farrell

September 9   ●  31 min read

Right in the middle of trying to keep the schnitzel from burning and the broccoli from becoming a waterlogged mess and while Lucy fed the goldfish a ...More

Drama, Fiction
Jenna Heller | The commuting Book
Jenna Heller

August 12   ●  6 min read

It’s been nearly 70 years since my children left home. That sounds ridiculous but I am 120 years old. When they left, my house felt empty. I began to not ...More

Fiction, Travel & Environment
Kat Miller | The commuting Book
Kat Miller

August 1   ●  12 min read

I ate my brother. I was always fond of him, looked up to him. He was older than me. I measured myself against him. We stood back to back. At first I ...More

Helen Heath | The commuting Book
Helen Heath

September 20   ●  2 min read

It was a glimpse into Paradise. The sun caught the old town first, its jumble of faded pastels glowing like the gilded ceilings of the Vatican – yel ...More

Mandy Hager | The commuting Book
Mandy Hager

August 1   ●  22 min read

Inspiration: Artwork by Haruko Furukawa Artwork location, details and photo credit The sun settled as i ...More

Amor Budiyanto | The commuting Book
Amor Budiyanto

December 3   ●  2 min read

Jerry and his friend, Ross, were playing in Jerry’s sandpit. Charlie appeared. “What are you playing?” Charlie asked Jerry. “Planes.” Jerry ...More

Action & Adventure, Fiction
Andrew M. Bell | The commuting Book
Andrew M. Bell

September 21   ●  5 min read

Inspiration: Artwork by Jacob Yikes Artwork location, details and photo credit   The afternoon su ...More

Alice Li | The commuting Book
Alice Li

March 3   ●  2 min read

The time had come. In the warm darkness of his egg, the flamingo chick moved. Crack! His mother stood up. She fussed about, touching the egg gently with her bi ...More

Action & Adventure, Fiction, Travel & Environment
Andrew M. Bell | The commuting Book
Andrew M. Bell

September 21   ●  14 min read

Pull-my-Finger the Giant only had one joke, probably like your dad or grandad. But he was very fond of it and he told it as often as he could. This was i ...More

Humor & Comedy
Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

September 20   ●  6 min read

A wedding in the Depression could be – well, depressing when a girl’s happiest day was pinched by poverty. So when Pauline and Eddie married it ...More

NZ History
Garrick Batten | The commuting Book
Garrick Batten

January 12   ●  8 min read

His fur is silky black, blue eyes wild, teeth glistening white – white like the snow that fell last winter, like the oleander that grows by the ravine. T ...More

Young Writer
Krissie Bearsley | The commuting Book
Krissie Bearsley

February 24   ●  6 min read

“Come on, Moon, it’s time to hunt.” Sunrise went first to check if there was any danger. Moon tried to go before Sunrise had said the coast wa ...More

Young Writer
Bronnie Homer | The commuting Book
Bronnie Homer

February 24   ●  4 min read

The photo shows two dozen red and yellow beetles inside a dog’s mouth. A trail of ladybug-like insects thumbtacked to the roof and wedged behind the front te ...More

Jenna Heller | The commuting Book
Jenna Heller

August 12   ●  2 min read

‘Can I lick the spoon? Please Gran…please.’ Although my older brother got the china mixing bowl as it is in families, I would take the spoon ...More

Historical Fiction
Garrick Batten | The commuting Book
Garrick Batten

January 30   ●  8 min read

I am lost in countless dizzying turns and endless corridors. A bare light bulb flickers as I pass beneath it. I flinch involuntarily. Ping! The familiar weig ...More

Fiction, Mystery, Young Writer
Tallulah Raumati Costa | The commuting Book
Tallulah Raumati Costa

September 22   ●  4 min read

Sitting on the small brick fence outside the night shelter, watching the early morning commuters. Thinking about the dream he had last night. He was in the high ...More

Karen Clarke | The commuting Book
Karen Clarke

August 12   ●  4 min read

Grayce huddled in the dark of her bedroom. The slithering sound came again, something scraping, knocking. Scrape-knock-knock-slide-slither. Somewhere in t ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Fiction, Mystery, Young Writer
Sarah-Kate Simons | The commuting Book
Sarah-Kate Simons

September 16   ●  3 min read

Some relationships are destined to last. Others end in tears, mass destruction or an intractable skin rash. My love affair in the winter of 2002 was doome ...More

Biography & Memoir
Nod Ghosh | The commuting Book
Nod Ghosh

July 20   ●  11 min read

At my father’s funeral an old man in a crumpled black suit gets up to speak. He rises slowly on old man’s legs from among the dark suits and neatly com ...More

Carl Nixon | The commuting Book
Carl Nixon

September 22   ●  18 min read

There was the hand to hold and he held it. Beau’s hand, big, bold, Beau’s hand and he felt happy and proud and self-conscious and amazed all at on ...More

Drama, Fiction
Scott Menzies | The commuting Book
Scott Menzies

April 3   ●  8 min read

Miraculously the Yellow dagger Somehow appeared on the Table next to the Elevating bottle Really, this was all very strange Yet, started making sense ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Young Writer
Hannah Share | The commuting Book
Hannah Share

September 16   ●  1 min read

On the first night, Grace dreamed of country music. Traditional troubadours like Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson. She woke up with the twang and ...More

Drama, Fiction, Travel & Environment
Jenna Heller | The commuting Book
Jenna Heller

August 12   ●  20 min read

Leila stood in the doorway, her little legs shaking in her blueberry pjs. “I don’t want to, Daddy,” she whispered. “Come on, sweetheart,” Michael s ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction, Humor & Comedy
Sarah Pratt | The commuting Book
Sarah Pratt

July 20   ●  4 min read

I was rushing around like a headless chicken; measuring, collecting cardboard and forming the plan of attack. My mission? To build a scale model of a Volkswag ...More

Leon Greig | The commuting Book
Leon Greig

November 22   ●  3 min read

First, find a location. Find a shabby farm that keeps its neighbours at arm’s length. Find a house with a rusted roof, with guttering that dribbles down th ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction
Zoë Meager | The commuting Book
Zoë Meager

September 22   ●  5 min read

It’s morning. I know this because the clock says 7.23 and a finger of light is trying to pull back the curtains. My room faces east. So that mak ...More

Rachael King | The commuting Book
Rachael King

August 1   ●  22 min read

John paused and turned away from his screen to glance at the steaming cup of coffee. Something felt a little off but he couldn’t place his fing ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction
Steven Moe | The commuting Book
Steven Moe

September 22   ●  18 min read

“What do you intend to do about this disgraceful situation?” Alison Carrington seethed. Mayor Harper stared at the outraged, elderly woman, like a ...More

Drama, Fiction
Andrew M. Bell | The commuting Book
Andrew M. Bell

February 24   ●  22 min read

Nobody knew who he was. Or where he came from. Only that he lived on the traffic island in the middle of the intersection and had one arm. When he first ap ...More

Fiction, Mystery, Young Writer
Lilah Hughes | The commuting Book
Lilah Hughes

September 22   ●  4 min read

I shuffle forward, cautious of not popping the two-metre bubble that surrounds every person around me. I look behind and see people lost and confuse ...More

Young Writer
Bianca Rees | The commuting Book
Bianca Rees

December 10   ●  4 min read

‘How’s Alex?’ Hope said. She and Molly were sitting in a café by the river in early spring drinking tea from the same pot. Molly sighed, looked o ...More

Pip Adam | The commuting Book
Pip Adam

August 1   ●  19 min read