Where are all the stories? Some of them are currently travelling and they will eventually stop here. Stay tuned to read new ones or catch the bus to find them. And remember that if you want to read a different story all you have to do is change seats! We have beautiful short stories and poetry that you can read in 1 minute written by Year 8 and Year 10 students, or book extracts and short stories written by published and unpublished writers that it will take you around 20 minutes to read. We want to present a very diverse range of pieces because we all have different interests and sometimes a story doesn’t mean much to you but the next one will talk directly to your heart. This is the wonderful world of literature, and The Commuting Book is a very humble attempt by readers to pay homage to centuries of storytelling, the very fabric of being human. Join us and celebrate the world of words! #commutingbook #ReadNZ

Stories for Flash Fiction

When Ronald McGourvey and his family of shape shifters caught the 47 to Scarborough, nobody noticed. Timothy McGourvey had perfected becoming nitrogen-fixi ...More

Nod Ghosh | The commuting Book
Nod Ghosh

August 1   ●  3 min read

A woman and a child in a boat. Her child, and her other child, and her other. Her three children. And one life jacket. She puts it on her youngest but h ...More

Zoë Meager | The commuting Book
Zoë Meager

August 1   ●  2 min read