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Sep 08   ●  min read



Celebrate Christchurch’s rich street art scene by penning a poem, a song or a short story inspired by it. Open to all ages and from residents to visitors. Submit your in English or in your own language.

Submissions are now open (until 28th February 2020) and the deadline is the last day of each month. Once received, a multi-lingual panel will review each submission and select the works that we will publish it immediately on our Scan & Read projects, on our online Stories catalogue and the best ones will have the chance to be featured on the Watch This Space map, the Augmented Reality street art app Plain Sight and in the Summer Exhibition  at Tūranga and New Brighton Libraries from December 2019 until March 2020.


  • Explore and discover Christchurch’s street art with family and friends or by yourself.  Create your own itinerary using the interactive Watch This Space map and the upcoming Plain Sight app (available from mid-May) or book a guided tour and have an expert guide you.
  • Once you find your inspirational mural, note down the exact location and take your ‘selfie’ in front of it (you will need this picture when submitting your work).  Now, start writing!
  • If you need help or a place to start, sign up for a FREE Creative Writing Workshop and Street Art Guided Tour to be held at Tūranga and New Brighton Library. Bookings are essential: SIGN UP HERE

2 JUNE 12.30-3.30PM AT Tūranga
7 JULY 12:30-3:30PM AT Tūranga
4 AUGUST 12.30-3.30PM AT Tūranga
1 SEPTEMBER 12.30-3.30PM AT Tūranga
15 SEPTEMBER 12.30-3.30PM AT New Brighton Library
13 OCTOBER 12.30-3.30PM AT Tūranga
20 OCTOBER 12.30-3.30PM AT New Brighton Library