Whim-whams and Wigwams…..

Childhood fantasy of Whim-whams and Wigwams.....

Non Fiction, Poetry, Suitable for Young Readers
Dyslexia Font
Sue Le Mesurier

Aug 01   ●  1 min read   ● 

Trailing my clackity clack bumblebee
Golly in the other hand,
I follow the tall back of my Dad
down the garden path.

Full of questions,
I shadow him into his shed,
his place of escape
where a small child hides.

‘What are you making Dadda?’
It is always the same response,
nonsense for a child’s ears.

Whim-whams and wigwams
for gooses bridles,
for ducks to sit on,
to wind the sun up!

I clackity clack down the path
puzzled by bridles and bumblebees,
taste the words in my mouth
and flip them over my tongue,
like heads and tales.



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