Turkey Neck Tony

Jonty's Grandad does a dance- so does his saggy turkey neck!

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Jonty Howard | The commuting Book
Jonty Howard

Aug 01   ●  2 min read

My Granddad is a strange old man. He is cheeky, but yet, so serious, like a monkey, a very old monkey. A very old monkey who can’t climb, and who likes to watch racehorse auctions. He has the sort of sparkle in his eye and look on his face that makes you want to smile, and a neck that sags down like a turkey. Turkey Neck Tony.

I was at Turkey Neck Tony’s house for the night as my parents were away at a quiz night at the bar. I was in bed, reading, and Tony came in to say goodnight. Afterwards, when he was slowly advancing out of the room, I asked him if he would do a jig. He seemed somewhat startled by the request, but he respected my need for delight.

He put one foot forward and one foot back, he held up his walking stick and twirled it around as he bounced up and down singing, “ba do ba do di da sha bla bla bla.” His neck swayed to the beat coming from his wrinkled mouth, his arms stayed tucked in but his hands were shaking about.

That was the birth of the Granddad Turkey Jig, the new thing, the new twerk, the most amazingly incredible dance to have ever been seen on this planet.