The Car Journey

A familiar family story!

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Roman Holland | The commuting Book
Roman Holland

Aug 01   ●  1 min read

The car drove up the highway, the inside temperature was like 1000 degrees.
           “Mum ….” came the nagging voice of my bratty sister, “Are we there yet?
Mum’s hands tightened on the wheel. “We’ll get there when we get there,” she said in a voice like a snake hissing just before it sinks its fangs into your flesh.
.            “Mummm …” came my sister’s voice again.
.            I see Mum’s about to explode so I say, “Lucy. Shut up!”
          Wrong move. Mum’s eyes flash like supernovas. It seems to me that she
grows, gains red skin, breathes fire. “PIPE DOWN IN THE BACK THERE!” she screams, “OR NO FOOD FOR A WEEK!”
.            I shut up. My sister gives me a smug smile. “Told you so.”