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Mar 16   ●  min read

Stories for Canterbury

Calling for writers up and down the country to support the emotional recovery of the region

As family and friends of the dead and wounded go through this unthinkable grief, the community around them is dealing with their own mixed and heart-wrenching feelings.

Hope goes out of the window in situations like this but we cannot allow it. The recovery process will be long and painful but we know how powerful words are.

We are asking writers to send us a short story or poem that are heartwarming, life-affirming, entertaining and fun to provide an oasis where words, tears and laughs come together as a powerful potion, a caress to the soul.

These stories will be part of our Stories On The Go project and this means commuters going about their daily routines can read you and find a moment of peace.

Please submit your story using this link or contact us if you want more details. All we need is a bit of info about you and your work. We need lots of them and for a long time so submit whenever you are ready.


(if any issues email us to

Thank you

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