Stone Celeb

A short poem about the Southern Alps

Travel & Environment, Poetry, Suitable for Young Readers
Dyslexia Font
Amy Blythe

Aug 01   ●  1 min read   ● 

because of their size
they gather crystals and clouds
sharp and sparse collections
of sun-catchers
until that first nasty week in June
then they look soft – look it
but they’re still cold hard rocks beneath
nothing special
definitely dangerous
is that why
we lift thine eyes to the hills
from whence comes the weather
they draw the eye
like a painting
at dawn I read them
left to right
purple bruise, muted and misty in the south
rose gold oasis hovering over the ocean in the north
the Kaikouras catching the sun
and bragging about it
to the shadows
one lump to another
they’re just big rocks
road metal on a different scale
but we know better than to really believe that



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