Six Ways to Look at Time

Paint n' Pen submission

Inspired by Street Art, Poetry, For Adult Readers, Suitable for Young Adult Readers
Dyslexia Font
Amor Budiyanto

Dec 03   ●  1 min read   ●  Paint n' Pen Submission

Inspiration: Artwork by Tepid and Wisk



A continuous loop repeating itself.

A couple seconds closer to your birthday.

A few seconds closer to death.

A common thing just like the world, or this poem.

A thing that keeps track of when you eat, sleep, drink, eat again, sleep some more, keep
sleeping and not waking up.

Or, a thing older than the word ‘time’ itself.



Some comments from the selection panel:

“An interesting interpretation of ‘Tepid and Wisk’. I liked that each line was one way of thinking about time.”

“Very interesting interpretation of the piece – I love that!”


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