Photo Albums can be Evil Too

Winner for Years 9-10 in the Voices Monologue Competition.

Young Writer, Suitable for Young Readers
Dyslexia Font
Chloe Morrison-Clarke

Sep 03   ●  2 min read   ●  WRITE ON Magazine

Photos are a very powerful thing. Memories caught in time and plastered forever, or maybe not, onto my pages. Every inch of my skin is tattooed with ink and time, I’ve felt the needles going in, purely to satisfy your greedy wish for caged moments on glossy paper. I do a lot of behind the scenes work too, you know. No one else ever considers how much work it is to keep photos in their frames. Obnoxious creatures. Was I created for babysitting?

You taunt me, showing me places I could never go, thrills that will never rush through my being. I am stuck here, gathering dust for your entertainment. See that spider web on my spine? That is the product of neglect.

You must remember, human minds are weak and feeble. Your life is a fleeting day. You need me. So I’ll give you a final warning.You should start appreciating all my work, before it’s too late. Otherwise, I have one last reprieve. I can fade your memories from my tortured skin with one effort. Pale and blurry, faces disappear first. Soon you will have a watercolour flash of colours and curves, but no recollection. Snapshots from another person’s life. You have been warned.

Winner for Years 9-10 in the Voices Monologue Competition