My Bubble

First published in WRITE ON Magazine, Issue 54.

Young Writer, Poetry, Suitable for Young Readers
Dyslexia Font
Chloe Morrison-Clarke

Sep 03   ●  1 min read   ●  WRITE ON Magazine

We flip on the trampoline and wince as our fragile flesh
scrapes the net.
We stare at screens
try to improve our eyesight
by gazing deep into the pixelated world
of our obsession.
We observe the effect we have on
our parents sanity.
We s t  r  e   t   c    h our ligaments into noodles
so we can bend into shapes that flex
now is the time for self improvement.

The squeak of the pantry door is
We pad the footpath
drumming our footprints into the asphalt
in an effort to burn
and nervous energy.

The skin on my computer keys
is worn thin
conversations flow from the screen
and stop abruptly
as Google Classroom
We go to dissect flowers
while converting number bases
and completing vocabulary lists.

The sound of my flute
through the sleepy neighbourhood
while bears lean against the glass
and nod along.