May The Road Rise Up To Greet You

Winner of the Biketober 2018 writing competition. This is a story about an accident.

Drama, Fiction, Travel & Environment, Flash Fiction, Suitable for Young Readers
Dyslexia Font
Matt Melchert

Nov 17   ●  1 min read   ● 

Once I was riding on a weekend group ride. We were strung out along a straight, flat stretch of road. It occurred to me that the cyclists ahead of me would make a good picture, so I got my camera out of my handlebar bag.

Now, one end of the strap had come loose, and the hook was dangling down by the front wheel. I looked down to see if there was any danger. It seemed to be alright, so I turned my attention to arranging the handlebar bag.

Big mistake!

The camera was yanked out of my hand, and the road tilted crazily and became a wall that I smacked into face first. the hook had caught onto a spoke and pulled the camera down to where it jammed between the wheel and the front fork, bringing the bike to an immediate halt and vaulting me over the handlebars.

So now every time someone says “may the road rise up to greet you”, it makes me shudder. That happened to me once, and it wasn’t nice at all!


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