Hermione’s Pockets

A poem about a well-loved fictional character.

Fiction, Poetry, Young Adults, Young Children, Quick Read
Moana Hoogland | The commuting Book
Moana Hoogland

Aug 01   ●  1 min read

Hermione’s pockets may contain
Pickled cockroaches, eel brain
A collapsible telescope, brand new
Flame in a jar, shines bright blue
Socks for Dobby, sadly not sent
Quills, black ink, clean parchment
Chocolate frogs, a gift from Ron
Spare hair-brush, some bristles gone
Small library, stuffed with books
A Fanged Frisbee with teeth like hooks
And of course, some dental floss.
Her parents would be at a loss
Their eyes popping, faces green
If Hermione’s teeth were less than clean.