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Sep 09   ●  1 min read

We are part of WORD Christchurch 2020 Spring Festival and once again our Stories on the Go initiative is sharing stories by some of the Festival writers. Some are old friends of The Commuting Book and some are new and we feel honoured. Next time you catch the bus, go for a coffee or to get a haircut look for our QR Codes. Scan, read and get your daily dose of literature!

with links to their Festival sessions:

The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay
The Tally Stick and My Father Running with a Dead Boy by Carl Nixon
The Transit of Mercury by Fiona Farrell
Power Chord by AJ Fitzwater
Makes You Think by Kay McKenzie Cooke
Concussion by Jess Fiebig
Alien: A Dissertation by Eileen Merriman
Mo by Bill Nagelkerke
Two Four Unit Flats, Hampshire Street, Wainoni and Everything by Pip Adam
Addendum to the Art Loss Register and Transient Beauty by Heather McQuillan