Flash Fiction on Street Art

Paint n' Pen submission

Flash Fiction
Dyslexia Font
Fern Mercier

Dec 03   ●  1 min read   ● 

Inspiration: Forces by Dr. Suits
Artwork location, details and photo credit https://watchthisspace.org.nz/artwork/800


She gasped.

The game is too hard, if feelings are a no-no.

How can she play on a purely rational, straight line, hard edges board? No fuzzy
fringes, multi-layers, subtle tone shifts in this alternate universe.

A pedestrian crossing to negotiate but it leads nowhere. Maybe she’s Alice and the
colours she’s up against are even more surreal than Wonderland.

The rules are laid down by someone who conceived but never partook of the birth

“Aha!” She thinks. “I’m outta here. I’m leaving this board. There’s gotta be another
game in town.”


Some comments from the selection panel:

“An interesting personal response”

“Really great example of Flash Fiction”


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