Stories on the Go aims to encourage and engage the community in reading. We bring all sorts of literature into daily life and public spaces, offering short reads to those who don’t have much time and may not read often. If you are a published or unpublished author and would like to contribute with a short story we will share it via our platforms and initiatives. Submit any time your flash fiction or short story (up to 2500 words):


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Stories for Non Fiction

Trailing my clackity clack bumblebee Golly in the other hand, I follow the tall back of my Dad down the garden path. Full of questions, I shadow him into his sh ...More

Non Fiction
Sue Le Mesurier | The commuting Book
Sue Le Mesurier

August 1   ●  1 min read

I was looking forward to 2011. I hadn’t been finding 2010 to be a very settled year. On one level I put the unsettled feeling down to it being the Year o ...More

Non Fiction
Kay McKenzie Cooke | The commuting Book
Kay McKenzie Cooke

September 9   ●  12 min read

Flowers. There are a lot of flowers. Every day someone crouches by me, one hand on their heart and the other holding a bunch of flowers. Lilies, lilacs, roses ...More

Non Fiction, NZ History, Young Writer
Olivia Ruland | The commuting Book
Olivia Ruland

September 22   ●  1 min read

When someone tells you to picture a magician, what do you think of? Daniel Radcliffe, complete with a wand and broomstick? Or perhaps a cheesy per ...More

Biography & Memoir, Non Fiction, Young Writer
Amelia Kirkness | The commuting Book
Amelia Kirkness

September 22   ●  9 min read

Being the middle child of five girls and three boys in 1940’s and 50’s in my native Ireland, I never had the chance to actually own a ...More

Action & Adventure, Biography & Memoir, History, Non Fiction
Catherine Byrne | The commuting Book
Catherine Byrne

November 17   ●  4 min read

The murmur of voices Are symphony to flashing lights Tapping keys Coloured lines of code Changing Adjusting Advancing. Jumbles of letters Make up words I can ...More

Non Fiction, Young Writer
Chloe Morrison-Clarke | The commuting Book
Chloe Morrison-Clarke

March 27   ●  2 min read

The house at 660 Castle Street was built as a Presbyterian Manse in 1923, designed by architect E.W. Walden and built by Loan and Watson. By the time Ji Fraser ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher | The commuting Book
Sarah K Gallagher

September 4   ●  7 min read

Google maps you take me though the underpass fast on my bike in the night my lights flash on the shapes of down and outs the louts, layabouts who s ...More

Non Fiction, Travel & Environment
Melanie Dixon | The commuting Book
Melanie Dixon

November 17   ●  1 min read

It was a pretty chill place to live for the first two thirds of the year. It was a place of freedom and acceptance, a place of thinking, talking, cups of ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher | The commuting Book
Sarah K Gallagher

September 4   ●  15 min read

The baby’s finally asleep. The father is home from work. I haven’t been alone in days. This is it…. “She’s asleep”…”I’m just off for ...More

Drama, Non Fiction
Jennifer Rankin | The commuting Book
Jennifer Rankin

November 17   ●  1 min read

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that January when I arrived in Dunedin. I stood in front of the dirty shallow porch of my flat and it wasn’t quite as ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher | The commuting Book
Sarah K Gallagher

September 4   ●  11 min read