Stories on the Go aims to encourage and engage the community in reading. We bring all sorts of literature into daily life and public spaces, offering short reads to those who don’t have much time and may not read often. If you are a published or unpublished author and would like to contribute with a short story we will share it via our platforms and initiatives. Submit any time your flash fiction or short story (up to 2500 words):


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Stories for Inspired by Street Art

Inspiration: Artwork by Cracked Ink Artwork location, details and photo credit   Silver fences keep me ...More

Inspired by Street Art
Meché Phillips | The commuting Book
Meché Phillips

March 3   ●  1 min read

Inspiration: “Hide and Seek” by Wongi “Freak” Wilson Artwork location, details and photo credit ...More

Inspired by Street Art, Young Writer
Hazel Young | The commuting Book
Hazel Young

February 13   ●  1 min read

Inspiration: “Elephants” by Owen Dippie Artwork location, details and photo credit    A fa ...More

Inspired by Street Art
Jean-Paul Leung | The commuting Book
Jean-Paul Leung

February 13   ●  min read