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Stories for NZ History
img Scarife

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that January when I arrived in Dunedin. I stood in front of the dirty shallow porch of my flat and it wasn ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher

11 min read

img Scarife

It was a pretty chill place to live for the first two thirds of the year. It was a place of freedom and acceptance, a place of thinking, talking, cup ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher

15 min read

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Flowers. There are a lot of flowers. Every day someone crouches by me, one hand on their heart and the other holding a bunch of flowers. Lilies, lilacs, ro ...More

Non Fiction, NZ History, Young Writer
Olivia Ruland

1 min read

Published by WRITE ON Magazine
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  This is a story of doubt. It is a story of people who left little trace. . . . There are no writings to pore over; no monuments to gaze at; no perf ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Jennifer Ashton

20 min read

Published by Auckland University Press
img Scarife

    The house at 660 Castle Street was built as a Presbyterian Manse in 1923, designed by architect E.W. Walden and built by Loan and Watson. B ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher

7 min read

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A wedding in the Depression could be – well, depressing when a girl’s happiest day was pinched by poverty. So when Pauline and Eddie married it was simple, ...More

NZ History
Garrick Batten

8 min read