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Stories for Mystery
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Grayce huddled in the dark of her bedroom. The slithering sound came again, something scraping, knocking. Scrape-knock-knock-slide-slither. So ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Young Writer
Sarah-Kate Simons

3 min read

Published by WRITE ON Magazine
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  In New Zealand’s Martinborough, an ex-wine maker is murdered. The precise planning and execution by the unknown assailant begins a series of vile ...More

Mystery & Crime, Psychological Thriller
Published by Squabbling Sparrows Press
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Nobody knew who he was. Or where he came from. Only that he lived on the traffic island in the middle of the intersection and had one arm. When he fir ...More

Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Young Writer
Lilah Hughes

4 min read

Published by WRITE ON Magazine
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  The chin tattoo confirms the victim is Maori. The whorls of ink from her lower lip to her chin—the moko, is worn only by Maori women. So, her e ...More

Mystery & Crime
Catherine Lea

13 min read

Published by Brakelight Press
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I am lost in countless dizzying turns and endless corridors. A bare light bulb flickers as I pass beneath it. I flinch involuntarily. Ping! The familiar weig ...More

Fiction, Mystery & Crime, Young Writer
Published by WRITE ON Magazine