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Stories for Biography
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  No excuses presentation Dave Letele’s incredible life has taken him from footy to failure, crime to community, fat to fit and riches to rags ...More

Biography & Memoir, Non Fiction
Dave Letele

16 min read

Published by Penguin Random House
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  Tim Saunders writes about his life and work on the farm that’s been in his family for five generations. He encompasses drought, farming during loc ...More

Biography & Memoir, Non Fiction, Travel & Environment
Tim Saunders

31 min read

Published by Allen & Unwin

Being the middle child of five girls and three boys in 1940’s and 50’s in my native Ireland, I never had the chance to actually own a bicycle ...More

Action & Adventure, Biography & Memoir, History, Non Fiction
Catherine Byrne

4 min read

Some relationships are destined to last. Others end in tears, mass destruction or an intractable skin rash. My love affair in the winter of 2002 was doomed fr ...More

Biography & Memoir
Nod Ghosh

11 min read

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  Jeanette Fitzsimons was a visionary, a pioneer and a radical. This is the story of someone who battles National and Labour’s lock on parliament an ...More

Biography & Memoir
Gareth Hughes

15 min read

Published by Allen & Unwin

“I”m pregnant again”.    I was measuring flour into the sieve and gently banging it against the heel of my hand.  He was hunched over the com ...More

Biography & Memoir, Food
Sile Mannion

4 min read

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When someone tells you to picture a magician, what do you think of? Daniel Radcliffe, complete with a wand and broomstick? Or perhaps a cheesy performer with ...More

Biography & Memoir, Non Fiction, Young Writer
Amelia Kirkness

9 min read

Published by WRITE ON Magazine
img Chris Parker

  Comedian Chris Parker brings his brilliant comic wit to the page. Star of stand-up, winner of Celebrity Treasure Island and lockdown Instagram sensa ...More

Biography & Memoir, Humor & Comedy
Chris Parker

9 min read

Published by Allen & Unwin