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Stories for For Adult Readers

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that January when I arrived in Dunedin. I stood in front of the dirty shallow porch of my flat and it wasn’t quite ...More

History, Non Fiction, NZ History
Sarah K Gallagher | The commuting Book
Sarah K Gallagher

September 4   ●  11 min read

Google maps you take me though the underpass fast on my bike in the night my lights flash on the shapes of down and outs the louts, layabouts who shout obs ...More

Non Fiction, Travel & Environment
Melanie Dixon | The commuting Book
Melanie Dixon

November 17   ●  1 min read

There was the hand to hold and he held it. Beau’s hand, big, bold, Beau’s hand and he felt happy and proud and self-conscious and amazed all at ...More

Drama, Fiction
Scott Menzies | The commuting Book
Scott Menzies

April 3   ●  8 min read

It’s morning. I know this because the clock says 7.23 and a finger of light is trying to pull back the curtains. My room faces east. So that makes it morn ...More

Rachael King | The commuting Book
Rachael King

August 1   ●  22 min read

  Extract from Mazarine published by Penguin Random House   Twelve I hadn’t expected Sophie Greenaway to be at work in the middle of the su ...More

Action & Adventure, Fiction, Psychological Thriller
Charlotte Grimshaw | The commuting Book
Charlotte Grimshaw

August 1   ●  22 min read

“I”m pregnant again”.    I was measuring flour into the sieve and gently banging it against the heel of my hand.  He was hunched over the comput ...More

Biography & Memoir, Food
Sile Mannion | The commuting Book
Sile Mannion

September 7   ●  4 min read

With its face to the black and ass to the blue, orbital scaffolding repurposed for the next generation ship, the Gilman was a thing of impossible ugly beau ...More

Fantasy & Science Fiction
AJ Fitzwater | The commuting Book
AJ Fitzwater

September 9   ●  16 min read

‘How’s Alex?’ Hope said. She and Molly were sitting in a café by the river in early spring drinking tea from the same pot. Molly sighed, looked ou ...More

Pip Adam | The commuting Book
Pip Adam

August 1   ●  19 min read

I ate my brother. I was always fond of him, looked up to him. He was older than me. I measured myself against him. We stood back to back. At first ...More

Helen Heath | The commuting Book
Helen Heath

September 20   ●  2 min read

She chewed her biro, and read the evaluation form. “On a scale of one to five, five being highest, how much did you enjoy this activity?” One. “On a s ...More

Michele Clark McConnochie | The commuting Book
Michele Clark McConnochie

September 22   ●  3 min read

Con walks down the streets of Newtown from Berhampore, past the damp, narrow houses, tipped into the wind, cold rain spitting into his face. There ...More

Julie Hill | The commuting Book
Julie Hill

August 1   ●  14 min read

tally stick historical a piece of wood scored across with notches for the items of an account and then split into halves, each party keeping one family a set ...More

Carl Nixon | The commuting Book
Carl Nixon

September 8   ●  32 min read

So, there are two people walking up View Street after the five o’clock session. He is walking ahead. She is walking behind. View Street is steep, rising from ...More

Fiona Farrell | The commuting Book
Fiona Farrell

September 9   ●  31 min read

Eve is busy setting the long thin tables – fork knife fork knife fork knife – and doesn’t see him approach. “Do you want some help?” She thin ...More

Rachael King | The commuting Book
Rachael King

September 21   ●  12 min read

One by one he turns the pages of the book. The paper rustles against his dry fingers and I swallow in anticipation. He reads the words and his fa ...More

Psychological Thriller
Marie Muhl | The commuting Book
Marie Muhl

July 20   ●  5 min read

‘Can I lick the spoon? Please Gran…please.’ Although my older brother got the china mixing bowl as it is in families, I would take the spoo ...More

Historical Fiction
Garrick Batten | The commuting Book
Garrick Batten

January 30   ●  8 min read

John paused and turned away from his screen to glance at the steaming cup of coffee. Something felt a little off but he couldn’t place his finger on it. The ...More

Action & Adventure, Drama, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fiction
Steven Moe | The commuting Book
Steven Moe

September 22   ●  18 min read

Being the middle child of five girls and three boys in 1940’s and 50’s in my native Ireland, I never had the chance to actually own a bicycle in my ...More

Action & Adventure, Biography & Memoir, History, Non Fiction
Catherine Byrne | The commuting Book
Catherine Byrne

November 17   ●  4 min read

It was a glimpse into Paradise. The sun caught the old town first, its jumble of faded pastels glowing like the gilded ceilings of the Vatican – yell ...More

Mandy Hager | The commuting Book
Mandy Hager

August 1   ●  22 min read

The baby’s finally asleep. The father is home from work. I haven’t been alone in days. This is it…. “She’s asleep”…”I’m just off for a ...More

Drama, Non Fiction
Jennifer Rankin | The commuting Book
Jennifer Rankin

November 17   ●  1 min read

On the first night, Grace dreamed of country music. Traditional troubadours like Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson. She woke up with the twang and ...More

Drama, Fiction, Travel & Environment
Jenna Heller | The commuting Book
Jenna Heller

August 12   ●  20 min read

Sitting on the small brick fence outside the night shelter, watching the early morning commuters. Thinking about the dream he had last night. He was in t ...More

Karen Clarke | The commuting Book
Karen Clarke

August 12   ●  4 min read

Abstract An eighteen-year-old alien moves to Dunedin to study. There she eats minerals, deconstructs, ingests poison, disintegrates, and ultimately, ...More

Eileen Merriman | The commuting Book
Eileen Merriman

September 8   ●  16 min read