Help us build a map!

We want to map all the real places in New Zealand mentioned in books. Rivers, mountains, towns and cities, famous buildings and monuments and any other spot we can add on a map.

Access the Great Map of New Zealand Stories and follow these very simple instructions.


Tip# 1 Title and Author.
Type the book title followed by the author’s name (Title by Author), this way we help promote our dear writers. Avoid using all caps.

Tip# 2 Location.
Search for the location specifically named in the book (must be in NZ) and select the best option. You can drag the red point on the map if you need to refine the location. Play around until you are happy that the location is accurate. Adding “New Zealand” or “NZ” at the end of the search may help: e.g: Warkworth New Zealand.

If you are looking for a place and can’t be found by searching it by name, enter the physical address and type the location’s name in the description.

Tip# 3 Photo.
Upload a high-resolution picture of the cover (the smallest side must be at least 700px.) If you cannot find one and you don’t have a copy of the book at home, your Library will have it for sure. Please credit or mentioned the source of the photo if you didn’t take it.

Tip# 4 Summary and Sources
Add a brief description of the book (you can search the book in your library catalogue and use their description). At the end of the description add ‘SOURCE’ to indicate where did you get the words and pictures from (blog/website)

Have fun!

If you encounter any problems or if you don’t want to do this yourself, send us an email to Feedback and suggestions welcome.


We take books

20170919_111500Need space on your bookshelf? We would like to adopt those books you no longer want to read or read enough times!

Here is how to donate books.

Thank you

#meetawriter:::: Michele McConnochie

Michele is the author of The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers. She donated two copies of Saga 1 to our project, one book in a standard edition and the other one in Dyslexia-friendly version. And this caught our attention. We decided then, to talk to her about her work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA #meetawriter:::: Michele McConnochie