#Meetaneditor:::: Sarah Forster

We totally love the work The Sapling is doing and we want to make sure you learn about them too.

SarahJane #Meetaneditor:::: Sarah Forster


#Meetafriend:::: Megan Blakie

Megan is a very good friend of ours. They regularly donor quality books and they have some second-hand jewels for sale at their office in Colombo Street, the one with the cool mural. Today, we are asking her some questions about book clubs, recommendations and what to do when you do not like the book you are reading.

Megan #Meetafriend:::: Megan Blakie

#meetawriter:::: Michele McConnochie

Michele is the author of The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers. She donated two copies of Saga 1 to our project, one book in a standard edition and the other one in Dyslexia-friendly version. And this caught our attention. We decided then, to talk to her about her work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA #meetawriter:::: Michele McConnochie


TCB meets Isabel Allende

We go to great lengths to interest you in reading, to inspire you to read again and to encourage you to read more. That even means contacting much-loved writers! Isabel Allende, in between a busy schedule, generously took the time to answer a few questions for us.

IA © Lori Barra A Moment with Isabel Allende