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Flavia Company (born 27 September 1963) writer and traveler. She develops her work either in Spanish and Catalan. She has a degree in Hispanic Philology, is a journalist, translator, teacher of creative writing and lecturer. She works in different genres (novel, short story, short story, essay and poetry). She also publishes children’s literature. She lives in Catalonia.

In June 2018, she embarked on a trip around the world that lasted four years. From that experience she wrote her book “I no longer need to be real”, which she signed with the name of Haru, one of her three heteronyms together with Andrea Mayo and Osamu.

She is one of the most unclassifiable voices in current literature and her work has been translated into English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, German and Danish.

She collaborates in the newspapers La Vanguardia and Ara.

Photo credit: Miquel González