Bringing literature to public spaces

The Commuting Book is a community-based organisation, that aims to promote an appreciation and love of reading as a source of knowledge and entertainment by bringing literature to public spaces and in people’s daily activities.

Storytelling and reading are skills for life, and the importance of books and literature, in general, has been widely researched and documented. We want to encourage and engage the community in reading by finding new ways to make books and stories more available to many people, by using public spaces in unusual ways, that create opportunities to tempt non-readers and to engage those who have not read a book in a long while or don’t have the time.

The focus on storytelling, public spaces and public transport is not accidental or capricious. Our passion for reading added to a background in social sciences and sustainable development helped us shape our vision not only for our project but also for the cities we want to live in: engaged citizens interacting in open, lively spaces.

From Plan To Action

To carry out our goals we have devised the following plans:

  1. a) Distribution of free books on public transport;
  2. b) Promotion and development of community spaces/interventions in urban settings to connect people through words in books and stories;
  3. c) Design of innovative platforms and creation of interactive installations using technology to support, publish and disseminate works of New Zealand authors of all ages and stages of development.

Stay tuned … a super cool project is being developed right now. And we are not alone in this. These fantastic organisations also believed it is a great idea and had offered their generous support.

Without whom … Our CORE PARTNERS:

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Also …

Network NZ honoured us with the 2017 Excellence NFP or Charity Award 2017 and we are over the moon! We are also overall Finalist in the Network NZ Business Awards!


Find out more about the Awards at


Stay in contact …






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